We Buy Portable and Modular Buildings

Convert your portable, relocatable or modular building into Cash!

If you have any portable, modular or relocatable buildings which you need to have removed or disposed, Affordable Portables is the answer. We buy and remove portable buildings of all types and sizes - site sheds, ablutions, lunch rooms, site offices, large complexes, classrooms etc... Depending on the style, age and condition of your building, Affordable Portables can purchase your building and convert your unwanted portable into cash. We also take care of all the expenses in having the building removed, these include costs such as trucks & transport, crane, preparation and labour to remove the building.

Affordable Portables will come out to your site, inspect the building and then determine the value of your building. To take advantage of our purchasing services and to arrange a free evaluation on site follow the four simple steps below.


Measure and determine the size/s of each building you wish to sell.

Please measure the external dimensions of the portable building including the length and width. Also measure the internal floor to ceiling height of the building. These measurements will be confirmed on our site inspection so don’t worry if your measurements are not accurate to the centimetre.


Determine the type, style or purpose of the portable building/s you wish to sell.

Portable buildings come in many different forms and are designed to cater for many purposes. Please determine what is the primary purpose or type of building you have. Is it for example, an office, lunch room, toilets/shower, accommodation, classroom, large multi-module complex buildings etc.


Take some digital photos of the portable building/s you wish to sell.

With your iPhone or Smartphone take a few internal and external photos from various angles. If possible, also place camera underneath the building and take photos which show the joist and chassis of the portable building/s. This will assist us in determining the construction type of the building.


Complete the online form below and submit for assessment.

Once you have the information as outlined in the first three steps above, simply complete and submit these details on the online form below. Don’t worry if you think you may not have the information 100% correct. This is only a guide and an accurate assessment will be made after a site inspection of your portable building/s.

We will contact you to make arrangements for a site visit and inspection of the building. Once this is completed, we will submit to you our offer or recommendation.